PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter Six-Pack Deal of the Day | Groupon

PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter Six-Pack

Slow-roasted peanuts are pressed to remove 85% of the fat and oil, leaving behind a powder that, when mixed with water, tastes just as good as traditional spreads and is much healthier.

via PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter Six-Pack Deal of the Day | Groupon.

I keep hearing about this product! Has anyone tried it yet?
This is an amazing deal compared to the prices I have seen at Whole Foods!

Belated RSS: A Day in the Life of Me… with a SWEET SURPRISE!

The events of today may seem insignificant to some, however I found them note worthy enough to give you the full run down!

Gluten Free Cupcakes

  • 1 am: Get home from a super fun wedding! (Yes on a Monday! It was Cinco de Mayo themed and totally gluten free!)
  • 1:30 am: Share a late night snack of left over salad, chopped apple and granola with my love. (lol yes thats what a vegetarian does when they are hungry in the middle of the night and out of ice cream!)
  • 2 am: Finally crawl into bed with alarm set for the days adventures with my best friend!
  • 9:30 am – 11:30 am: Get up and jump in the shower, do the laundry, feed Buddha, have a quick smoothie (keep this in mind for my afternoon!! ;)), kiss my handsome boyfriend and jump in the car with Allyson.
  • 12 pm: Have a yummy salad at Picasso’s in #Jacksonville.
  • 1 pm: Excitedly arrive at Whole Foods with my #coupons for Mamma Chia (I am newly OBSESSED with their Green Magic Vitality Squeeze), Enjoy Life (did someone say #glutenfree S’MORES!?!), and Beyond Meat (I finally found the Beef Crumbles!)


  • 1-2 pm: Wander around the sea of heavenly #healthy products that exist in Whole Foods while trying to not spend my entire bank account on all the amazing gluten free products at my finger tips and eagerly sampling as many items as possible, including:
    • Tiramisu Gelato!
    • Brown Rice and Quinoa California Roll!
    • Watermelon!
    • Adora Dark Chocolate Gluten Free Calcium Supplements! (yes you read that right! I swear it tasted like a Dove Chocolate!)
    • Tangerine!
    • Seriously a store that has all those things to sample is a winner in my book no matter how expensive it is!

    Mamma Chia

  • 2 pm: Left with so many yummy goodies including lots of Mamma Chia and a delicious #dairyfree latte made with almond milk!
  • 2:15 pm: Find a “big red barn on the side of the road” haha that’s what Allyson told me to look for while we were trying to find our next destination. Well she wasn’t kidding! In that barn, aka Freshfields Farm, was what every grocery store should be. Well I would scratch the meat aspect, but for carnivores this place would be heaven as well… and it was nice to be able to get my boyfriend all natural, local and organic “cow” lol yes that is what I told him I got him. I had to have the butcher help me pick something out because I was TOTALLY lost! I have been a vegetarian since long before I was doing my own grocery shopping. I know ZILCH about buying meat! The things we do for love ;)!
  • 2:15-3:00 pm: Drool over admire the beautiful colors of all the fresh, local and organic fruits & veggies! Not only did  everything look delicious it was also soooo AFFORDABLE! I could not believe how much I got for less than $20, including organic:Freshfields Farm
    • Golden Beets!
    • Ginger!
    • Mango!
    • Kale!
    • Portobello Mushrooms!
    • Grape Tomatoes!
    • Cilantro!
    • london broil?… ribeye?… cow
  • 3:30 pm: Get home and show my man all my awesome goodies! I can’t wait to go again so I can share the awesomeness with him and do a more thorough shopping trip! We are going to be crazy busy the next two week so I didn’t want to get too many fresh things. Next time I go though… GAME ON!!
  • 4 pm: Share my goodies on Twitter and Facebook for all you guys to check out while enjoying my first Mamma Chia as a pre-#bikram pick me up! 🙂
  • 5 pm: Just minutes before walking into class at Bikram Yoga St. Augustine I check my email to discover this!

Brothers All Natural Smoothie Contest Winner

  • Teeki Leggings5:30-7 pm: I had an AMAZING kick ass butt yoga class and bought some adorable new Teeki leggings to celebrate! They are so freaking adorable and I can’t wait to wear them tomorrow!
  • 8 pm: After a long hot shower and a few phone calls to share my excitement about winning the Smoothie Contest I finally sit down with a giant plate of veggies from my shopping adventures to continue sharing my excitement on Twitter and Facebook.
  • 1:18am: Finally finishing the masterpiece, that is this post, to share with you guys! About to climb in bed for an early morning bikram class, a few hours of work at the studio and then coming home to get ready to see PRESTON POHL sing the National Anthem before the JAKE OWEN Military Appreciation Night at THE PLAYERS Championship!!!!
  • GOOD NIGHT!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hope this glimpse of my day gave you as much joy and happiness as it gave me!

SUPER HOT DEAL!! So Delicious only $1.19!! (thru 4/29)

So Delicious

There is an unadvertised deal at Winn-Dixie through tomorrow that I had to share with you guys! The SO DELICIOUS DAIRY FREE COCONUT MILK (64oz Refrigerated) is on sale for $2.19, regular price $2.99, AND we have a $1/1 So Delicious Dairy Free Product *No Size Restrictions* printable (preclipped)! Combine the two for an awesome deal! The one’s in my store were labeled good through the end of August!! So if you have the room in your fridge, STOCK UP!!

At Winn-Dixie:
BUY ONE SO DELICIOUS DAIRY FREE COCONUT MILK (64oz Refrigerated) – on sale $2.19/reg. price $2.99
Use one $1/1 So Delicious Dairy Free Product *No Size Restrictions* printable (preclipped)
Price at register: $1.19
Savings: $1.80 (60%!!)

HURRY!! Blogs To Help You Coupon Like a Pro!!

How to Coupon Like a Pro

Got your attention huh!! I am about to spill my secrets on the world of couponing with you! I might be a blogger and pride myself on my couponing skills, but I have a confession… NONE of it would be possible with out the amazing talent of some of my favorite bloggers. Honestly, I was so inspired by their dedication and time devoted to their passion and their hard work that they played a huge part in me starting my own blog.

I regularly follow about 20 blogs. I subscribe to most of them… as you should do for my blog 🙂 (on the right hand column, below my About Me blurb, is a field to enter your email. If you do that and hit Subscribe, you will be sent an activation email to confirm.) That simple! That way you will never miss a post and I promise the emails are totally spam free!!


The blogs a follow are a combination of healthy recipes blogs, yoga blogs, gluten free blogs, dairy free blogs, and local St. Augustine blogs … but the ones I want to tell you about today are my favorite coupon blogs.

CONFESSION: They are my homepage. Yes. All of them.

Coupons.comUpromise - Join NowMy browser takes several minutes to load every time I turn my computer on and hit Firefox, but I swear it is worth it… for me at least. My wallet thanks me for the few extra minutes every time I go to the grocery store! Coupon blogs are a little different than most other blogs you probably follow. Other than news feed type blogs, most bloggers post 1-4 times a week (in my experience). Coupon bloggers post 5-20 times a day, the good ones at least ;)! In the world of couponing, minutes count! Some deals are only good for a few hours (flash sales) and some coupons only last a few minutes before they are “sold/printed out”!

This might seem crazy but it will start to seem normal after a few weeks of immersing yourself in the coupon world. Tag lines to coupon blog posts often read: RUN! HURRY! STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! PRINT THIS NOW! TODAY ONLY! LIMITED TIME OFFER! And these are not gimmicks to get you to do what they are telling you. Many of the deals are seriously only available for a very short time and IMHO the bloggers genuinely want you to get the best deal possible! The more I save based on their suggestions, the more likely I am to go back… right?!

ibotta app

The following is a list of my FAVORITE coupon blogs, mobile coupon sites, printable coupon sites and store printable coupons. I often visit others when I am searching for special sales, coupons or promotions, but these sites save me money every single day. LOTS of money! THOUSANDS of dollars a year kinda money! You might see a $0.50 coupon and think what a waste, but I PROMISE if you learn the in’s and out’s of couponing you will never see a coupon that way again. You will see it as the ONLY LEGAL WAY TO PRINT MONEY!! Seriously the newspaper companies will deliver money to your doorstep every Sunday… if you take the initiative to ask for it!


I hope these sites help you save as much money as they have helped me to save. Couponing has given me the ability to enjoy so many more extra activities in my life because i have more spending money in my pocket. Once you discover how easy it is you will be hooked.

I am so happy to help anytime!

DISCLAIMER: Some of these sites, such as the ones for Publix, offer regional sales and coupons but there are TONS of other similar sites around the country that offer regional sales in places other than the South East. Also, don’t forget to check your favorite store and brand sites for coupons that they offer!!

Couponing 101

Happy Friday!! After two well received recipes I decided I should spend some time compiling my official couponing 101 guides. I am going to make these official pages instead of posts and they will be found under the Tips & Tricks menu tab so that you will always be able to easily reference them at any point. Hope these offer a great jumping off point to the world of couponing!

Couponing 101

The guides will include the following:

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