Belated RSS: A Day in the Life of Me… with a SWEET SURPRISE!

The events of today may seem insignificant to some, however I found them note worthy enough to give you the full run down!

Gluten Free Cupcakes

  • 1 am: Get home from a super fun wedding! (Yes on a Monday! It was Cinco de Mayo themed and totally gluten free!)
  • 1:30 am: Share a late night snack of left over salad, chopped apple and granola with my love. (lol yes thats what a vegetarian does when they are hungry in the middle of the night and out of ice cream!)
  • 2 am: Finally crawl into bed with alarm set for the days adventures with my best friend!
  • 9:30 am – 11:30 am: Get up and jump in the shower, do the laundry, feed Buddha, have a quick smoothie (keep this in mind for my afternoon!! ;)), kiss my handsome boyfriend and jump in the car with Allyson.
  • 12 pm: Have a yummy salad at Picasso’s in #Jacksonville.
  • 1 pm: Excitedly arrive at Whole Foods with my #coupons for Mamma Chia (I am newly OBSESSED with their Green Magic Vitality Squeeze), Enjoy Life (did someone say #glutenfree S’MORES!?!), and Beyond Meat (I finally found the Beef Crumbles!)


  • 1-2 pm: Wander around the sea of heavenly #healthy products that exist in Whole Foods while trying to not spend my entire bank account on all the amazing gluten free products at my finger tips and eagerly sampling as many items as possible, including:
    • Tiramisu Gelato!
    • Brown Rice and Quinoa California Roll!
    • Watermelon!
    • Adora Dark Chocolate Gluten Free Calcium Supplements! (yes you read that right! I swear it tasted like a Dove Chocolate!)
    • Tangerine!
    • Seriously a store that has all those things to sample is a winner in my book no matter how expensive it is!

    Mamma Chia

  • 2 pm: Left with so many yummy goodies including lots of Mamma Chia and a delicious #dairyfree latte made with almond milk!
  • 2:15 pm: Find a “big red barn on the side of the road” haha that’s what Allyson told me to look for while we were trying to find our next destination. Well she wasn’t kidding! In that barn, aka Freshfields Farm, was what every grocery store should be. Well I would scratch the meat aspect, but for carnivores this place would be heaven as well… and it was nice to be able to get my boyfriend all natural, local and organic “cow” lol yes that is what I told him I got him. I had to have the butcher help me pick something out because I was TOTALLY lost! I have been a vegetarian since long before I was doing my own grocery shopping. I know ZILCH about buying meat! The things we do for love ;)!
  • 2:15-3:00 pm: Drool over admire the beautiful colors of all the fresh, local and organic fruits & veggies! Not only did  everything look delicious it was also soooo AFFORDABLE! I could not believe how much I got for less than $20, including organic:Freshfields Farm
    • Golden Beets!
    • Ginger!
    • Mango!
    • Kale!
    • Portobello Mushrooms!
    • Grape Tomatoes!
    • Cilantro!
    • london broil?… ribeye?… cow
  • 3:30 pm: Get home and show my man all my awesome goodies! I can’t wait to go again so I can share the awesomeness with him and do a more thorough shopping trip! We are going to be crazy busy the next two week so I didn’t want to get too many fresh things. Next time I go though… GAME ON!!
  • 4 pm: Share my goodies on Twitter and Facebook for all you guys to check out while enjoying my first Mamma Chia as a pre-#bikram pick me up! 🙂
  • 5 pm: Just minutes before walking into class at Bikram Yoga St. Augustine I check my email to discover this!

Brothers All Natural Smoothie Contest Winner

  • Teeki Leggings5:30-7 pm: I had an AMAZING kick ass butt yoga class and bought some adorable new Teeki leggings to celebrate! They are so freaking adorable and I can’t wait to wear them tomorrow!
  • 8 pm: After a long hot shower and a few phone calls to share my excitement about winning the Smoothie Contest I finally sit down with a giant plate of veggies from my shopping adventures to continue sharing my excitement on Twitter and Facebook.
  • 1:18am: Finally finishing the masterpiece, that is this post, to share with you guys! About to climb in bed for an early morning bikram class, a few hours of work at the studio and then coming home to get ready to see PRESTON POHL sing the National Anthem before the JAKE OWEN Military Appreciation Night at THE PLAYERS Championship!!!!
  • GOOD NIGHT!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hope this glimpse of my day gave you as much joy and happiness as it gave me!

Grab a FREE Cone at Ben & Jerry’s Today, April 8th


Check out your local Ben & Jerry’s shop today, April 8th for FREE Cone Day!

Since 1979, Ben & Jerry’s has been inviting fans to come in and get a FREE cone of their chunkiest, funkiest ice cream flavors. So be sure to stop in today between 12pm – 8pm and get this awesome freebie if you have a store in your area.

You can go HERE for more details and to find a participating location near you.

ice cream my boyfriend

I feel compelled to find the closet store in a 50 mile radius!

ptown ben and jerrys

The shop I worked at every summer as a teenager!

Ps. Did you know I worked at a Ben & Jerry’s for 3 years?! #firstjob

Real Scoop Sundae: We Are Yoga

We Are YogaThis Sunday’s Real Scoop Sundae review is brought to you by an amazing LOCAL company: We Are Yoga! For the last five years, this company has been working to connect us all through Yoga in so much more than just the physical practice on our mats. They remind us that “Working together, mind & body, heart & lungs, person to person, group to group We Are Yoga.”

We Are Yoga believes in Yoga and supports yoga schools, federations, and organizations worldwide. To help spread the word of Yoga, they created the WAYmat: “Designed with Yoga in mind.”

“The beauty of WAYmat is that you do not need to know anything about yoga to enjoy it. The name alone gives you belief. The ability to relax anywhere, bust out a stretch, lay out in the sun, or play with your baby in comfort and safety are just a couple ways to go!” … “If  hot yoga is your jam this mat will withstand the sweatiest yoga sessions while not soaking through to the floor or losing its shape.”

Standing Head to KneeI am here to tell you: THEY ARE AWESOME!

Not only are the owners incredibly sweet, their product is incredible! With over 150 hot sweaty Bikram classes under my belt since October, I have tried all sorts of solutions to the mass quantity of sweat that drips from my body for 90 minutes every class.

I tried saving a buck on a cheap bath towel and yoga mat… I tried spending a few more bucks on a yoga towel designed to soak up lots of sweat… it worked… sort of. The towel and mat bunch. Not a huge deal, but distracting when you are dripping wet and balancing on one foot with your other foot in your hands and your head on your knee.

Despite nightly spray downs with rubbing alcohol (I’ve tried straight vinegar too, or mixing in tea tree oil.. they work, but not for long… and yes I hang it to dry every night) to my mat and daily washings of my towel (which regularly weighs 3+lbs after a class! I wasn’t kidding when I said dripping sweat!)… eventually a stench starts. And way too soon to rationalize saving a few dollars, because before I knew it I was throwing my mat and towel out and starting over!

So I rented a WAYmat at my studio the other day… I wanted to dislike it. Honestly, I wanted to stick with my already purchased stinky mat and towel. Well guess what? I LOVED IT! I have rented one three times since then. Not only is it 3-6 inches wider and 5-15 inches longer than the standard yoga mat aka more room to put your sweaty body, it also 1.5-3.5lbs lighter, stays in place the whole class, and is super absorbent but it also cradles your hot, tired body through the whole floor series perfectly! I wanted to curl up and take a nap on it!

WAYmat SpecsWAYmat Template

The only reason I don’t own one yet is because I cant decide which of the awesome colors to get! Check out all the awesome color combos in their online shop. HELP ME DECIDE WHICH COLOR TO BUY!! (these are my favs… I think?!)

WAYmat WAYmat teal and magenta

Have you ever seen them at your studio? This is where they are currently available. If you have never heard of them before you should definitely check them out and maybe let your studio owner know you are interested!! Who knows where they will decide to bring their product next! Maybe to a studio near you! 🙂

WAYmat stickersSo while you are deciding on what color you want… (because I know and YOU KNOW you want one!) you should sign up for their newsletter!

They are offering one of their awesome free stickers right now! And why in the world wouldn’t you want to stay up to date with this company!? This other sport company once said: JUST DO IT!

Learn more about the benefits Bikram from my post the other day.

Reader Response:

  • What is you favorite yoga practice?
  • Have you heard of We Are Yoga?
  • What color mat should I buy!?
  • What product should I review next week?

Real Scoop Sundaes: New Gluten Free, Meat Free Product (part 1)

BeyondMeat at Publix

So thanks to the awesome Ibotta app I discovered an amazing new product by BeyondMeat!

As a vegetarian I struggle to get enough protein (I know there are tons of ways to get protein as a vegetarian, but I rarely meet the daily suggested minimum despite these great ideas). This company has a mission I can get behind!

“We believe there is a better way to feed theplanet. Our mission is to create mass-market solutions that perfectly replace animal protein with plant protein. We are dedicated to improving human health, positively impacting climate change, conserving natural resources and respecting animal welfare. At Beyond Meat, we want to make the world a better place and we’re starting one delicious meal at a time.”

And this is why I liked them before I even found their product!!

BeyondMeat Tweets
Publix Tweets

^^^^And this is why I love Publix!!^^^^

Per my usual couponing routine, before I go shopping I check out the coupon blogs I follow, as well as the deals available on Ibotta (it’s free, fun and so easy to use! Click Here to download it to your smartphone!) and Cartwheel (if I am going to Target, also super easy to use).

Ibotta“The best part about Ibotta is that you earn real money, not points or other made-up currencies. What you see is what you get. 100% of your earnings can be transferred to PayPal or Venmo as soon as you’ve earned $5. If you’d like a gift card instead, you can start cashing out as soon as you’ve earned $2.”

These are the products I found (available until 4/4/14 at 1:59am exclusive to Publix!)

BeyondMeat Beef Free Crumbles BeyondMeat Chicken Free Strips

This week I was so excited when I saw a brand new product with a $1.00 rebate available! Not only was it vegetarian friendly, but also gluten free! I used to add Boca Ground Crumbles to all my salads and stirfrys for an easy source of protein, but unforuntately, like almost every other meat substitute on the market, (UNTIL NOW) Boca products all have wheat/gluten in them. When I gave up gluten last September (for health reasons), I ended up giving up a huge portion of the protein in my diet. I consider myself a VERY healthy eater, sometimes to a fault, but I know this is one thing I need to work on.
BeyondMeatWell work on it I shall! Part 2 of this review will be available as soon as I try out these chicken strips (within the next two days I promise)!! I went to Publix tonight with the mister (I kinda sorta love going grocery shopping together… is that weird? There is something so adorable and cozy about it to me. Yea, I’m a dork. Deal with it!)and picked up two bags of the them, the Southwest Style and the Lightly Seasoned. And I got the $1.00 rebate on Ibotta.
YAY!! I had already had dinner so I wasn’t able to try them tonight but I will figure out a fun recipe to try them in soon.

Publix Logo plus BeyondMeat Logo

The review will also include nutrition facts for their products and more details about the company! I am hoping to find their Beef Free Crumbles soon. Unfortunately my Publix did not carry them but there are FIVE other Publix in a ten mile radius from my house so fear not, I will find them!

Reader Response:

  • What meat substitutes do you use?
  • Have you ever tried Ibotta?
  • Publix is my favorite place to shop… what’s yours?

Buddha The Cat

Follow Buddha on Instagram
Hi guys. My name is Buddha. In a week I will be one years old. My mom told me I should write this post so you all could check out my awesome new Instagram @buddhathecat.

I spent the morning in bed writing up stories from the last year to share with you. My mom thinks I am pretty great so naturally she had tons of photos to documents my best moments. I think you should find me on there by searching for my name @buddhathecat or #buddhathecat. I am also all over #catsofinstagram but so are about 6 million other cats so that might not be as easy.

Mom’s Facebook got 100 likes in five days… Think my Instagram can beat her??

I am exhausted and need a nap but find me on there so you don’t miss my posts in the future!

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