Real Scoop Sundaes: New Gluten Free, Meat Free Product (part 1)

BeyondMeat at Publix

So thanks to the awesome Ibotta app I discovered an amazing new product by BeyondMeat!

As a vegetarian I struggle to get enough protein (I know there are tons of ways to get protein as a vegetarian, but I rarely meet the daily suggested minimum despite these great ideas). This company has a mission I can get behind!

“We believe there is a better way to feed theplanet. Our mission is to create mass-market solutions that perfectly replace animal protein with plant protein. We are dedicated to improving human health, positively impacting climate change, conserving natural resources and respecting animal welfare. At Beyond Meat, we want to make the world a better place and we’re starting one delicious meal at a time.”

And this is why I liked them before I even found their product!!

BeyondMeat Tweets
Publix Tweets

^^^^And this is why I love Publix!!^^^^

Per my usual couponing routine, before I go shopping I check out the coupon blogs I follow, as well as the deals available on Ibotta (it’s free, fun and so easy to use! Click Here to download it to your smartphone!) and Cartwheel (if I am going to Target, also super easy to use).

Ibotta“The best part about Ibotta is that you earn real money, not points or other made-up currencies. What you see is what you get. 100% of your earnings can be transferred to PayPal or Venmo as soon as you’ve earned $5. If you’d like a gift card instead, you can start cashing out as soon as you’ve earned $2.”

These are the products I found (available until 4/4/14 at 1:59am exclusive to Publix!)

BeyondMeat Beef Free Crumbles BeyondMeat Chicken Free Strips

This week I was so excited when I saw a brand new product with a $1.00 rebate available! Not only was it vegetarian friendly, but also gluten free! I used to add Boca Ground Crumbles to all my salads and stirfrys for an easy source of protein, but unforuntately, like almost every other meat substitute on the market, (UNTIL NOW) Boca products all have wheat/gluten in them. When I gave up gluten last September (for health reasons), I ended up giving up a huge portion of the protein in my diet. I consider myself a VERY healthy eater, sometimes to a fault, but I know this is one thing I need to work on.
BeyondMeatWell work on it I shall! Part 2 of this review will be available as soon as I try out these chicken strips (within the next two days I promise)!! I went to Publix tonight with the mister (I kinda sorta love going grocery shopping together… is that weird? There is something so adorable and cozy about it to me. Yea, I’m a dork. Deal with it!)and picked up two bags of the them, the Southwest Style and the Lightly Seasoned. And I got the $1.00 rebate on Ibotta.
YAY!! I had already had dinner so I wasn’t able to try them tonight but I will figure out a fun recipe to try them in soon.

Publix Logo plus BeyondMeat Logo

The review will also include nutrition facts for their products and more details about the company! I am hoping to find their Beef Free Crumbles soon. Unfortunately my Publix did not carry them but there are FIVE other Publix in a ten mile radius from my house so fear not, I will find them!

Reader Response:

  • What meat substitutes do you use?
  • Have you ever tried Ibotta?
  • Publix is my favorite place to shop… what’s yours?


    • Lauren says:

      Woohoo! With a veggie mom and all the awesome replacement products in the market I bet she will find it easier than she thinks. That’s awesome! I used to love Boca products but they aren’t really meat substitutes interms of flavor. Supposedly this product resembles chicken so much that they intend to serve it at deli counters some day and hardcore meat eaters have been fooled by it! I’ll send you a link for a coupon to try it free on Facebook! 🙂 it’s right next to the boca and Morningstar at publix (or atleast it was on the one on 16)!

  1. Will says:

    You are going to love them!! We had the Chicken stips and they are GREAT!! But you will really like the Spicy Beef Crumbles..They make the BEST chili..I can’t say enough good things about them!

    • Lauren says:

      Thanks so much for your feedback Will! I have my fingers crossed that I can find the Beef Crumbles sometime soon! I have the chicken strips cooking up now with some roasted, broccoli, cauliflower, red onion and red peppers! I can’t wait to try them! I was sold at Gluten Free, GMO Free, Vegan ANDDDD 20grams of protein in one tiny 120 calorie serving! Yay! Thanks for checking out my blog!

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